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Liathura / Dec 30, 2014
I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas break we had, and you all got something nice.

So I recently found myself promoted, so congratulations to myself.
I would also like to congratulate our guild members for pugging or leading pugs within the guild to Highmaul and being lucky enough to grab themselves some upgrades over the holiday period. And even seeing most if not all the Heroic Highmaul bosses and trying out Mythic to.
As a guild we currently have a progress of:

Highmaul Normal - 7/7
Highmaul Heroic - 3/7
Highmaul Mythic - 0/7

Fingers crossed that 2015 brings us closer to getting 7/7 Mythic.
Also a reminder 2015 raiding will officially start on the 7th January 2015. We do have a warm up raid on the 4th to get us in the swing of things.

Also I will be updating and adding things to site within the next few days so keep a eye out for that and feel free to post any tips and hints you have for your class in the forums to ensure smoother raiding.
Lucïya / Nov 26, 2014
Hello and thanks for stepping by!

Limbo is an Alliance guild, residing on Sylvanas, from early Cataclysm. We reunited and are now recruiting new blood for WoD.
We are a mixed bunch from all over, and looking to add people to our mythic roster.
We are a friendly guild, looking to have fun while doing some serious progression in a nice environment.

Our plan is to raid 3 days a week;
Wednesday - 19:30-23:00 CEST
Thursday - 19:30-23:00 CEST
Sunday - 19:30-23:00 CEST

We are going to start Normal/Heroic and work our way into Mythic as we fill our roster.
Currently we are looking for most classes and specs, who know their class well and pass standard auditing (gems, enchants, food, flasks).[/b]

Feel free to throw in an application on our site or contact Lucïya or Thunderpox in game. -